Writing a Freecycle Post

I re-arranged my living room furniture and ended up with an end table that no longer fits in the space. Rather than putting the table in the trash and hoping that someone snatches it before the garbage man comes, I’m going to post an offer for the table in my freecycle group. Each group has its own rules, so learn and abide by those rules but the procedures are normally similar. Here are three steps I take to write a post and tips on what to include.

Step 1. Include a subject line. My group requires that the action being taken, in this case an offer, be put in the subject line. For this post my subject line will read “Offer: End Table.” When my offer is accepted by a group member I will write another post with the subject line “Taken: End Table.” If I was in the market for an end table the subject line would read “Wanted: End Table.” When I find an end table the the subject line will read “Found: End Table.”

Step 2. Describe the item and when prudent include a photo, as I do in this description by cutting and pasting the URL from a Flickr photo. Make sure to point out any flaws the item has but don’t exaggerate damage either. Remember, your goal is not to get someone to take your unwanted item, your goal is to pass it along to someone who can make good use of it. Here’s what I wrote about my end table:

A brown, pressed wood end table with magazine rack and hinged door. Here’s a link to the photo of the end table:


Please note the cracking on the bottom front of the table:


Step 3. Give your general location so the group members will know how far they have to drive to pick up the item. Use the nearest major intersection and if the area is known by a name use it too. “Located in Riverside near First Ave. and A St.”

More Information: