Include a Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is very true when it comes to describing a lamp, desk or end table. A photo can go a long way in preventing a negative freecycle experience where a person realizes when seeing an item that it is not what they had pictured in their mind at all. While it is less important for a toaster, slow cooker or grill, a photo is extremely useful for items like furniture where color and design can be a deciding factor. Taking a digital photo of your offer and including a link to that picture can be worth the extra effort. How do you do that? Here are four easy steps to getting that photo out there quick.

Step 1. Use a digital camera to take a picture of the item showing the major design elements of the piece. Do not hide any flaws. In fact, if there is a problem make sure the photo shows that damage.

Show details of any flaws in the item (photo by free2reuse).

If it’s difficult to show the whole item and the damage in one photo, take an extra photo showing the damage. Remember, hiding damage will only increase the risk of a bad freecycle experience. But don’t exaggerate the flaws either. Do your best to tell it like it is.

Step 2. Save the photos to your computer, disk or flash drive. If you are a frequent freecycler, take the time to create a unique folder for saving freecycle photos.

A full photo of the item is helpful (photo by free2reuse).

Step 3. For simplicity purposes, we use Flickr. Signing up is free and simple but if your freecycle group uses Yahoo Groups, signing up is extra fast because you can use your existing Yahoo ID. After signing up, simply upload your photo to Flickr.

Step 4. When writing the offer e-mail for your group, include links to the Flickr photo or photos you uploaded.

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